Friday, December 16, 2016

My Christmas Beauty Essentials

Every Christmas and the month before, my beauty and makeup routine change a bit. I do a lot more pamper sessions and I put eye shadow on on a normal Tuesday. It's like I'm preparing myself for Christmas. I also think that the cold and the dark makes me want to take care of my body more. 

Now I have three products that I have been using a bit extra in December. The products that make every day more fun!

First, I have been using this red lipstick from Primark (and other red lip products as well) a lot more than I use to. I start by applying a lip balm, then I put this lipstick on by dabbing it on my lips, and then on the top to finish of I put my red baby lips lip balm on. Then my lips are holiday ready!

I have had the Sí perfume for a while and now I also got the body lotion and I'm so happy about it! The Sí scent is much darker than my other perfumes and I think it's perfect for the winter! It's too heavy to wear during the summer because then I want floral, fresh perfumes! I mostly use this body lotion as a hand cream and it stays on my hands for so long! The smell is just fantastic!

Say hello to my little creamy eye shadow pencil from H&M! Applying eye shadow with this is so EASY! You just dabb it on your eye lids and then you're done! This one has a shimmery, champagne color which is just lovely! And it goes perfectly with red lips!


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  1. That H&M pencil seems gorgeous! I've never tried them but I'm really intrigued now.

    Marta -


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