Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Puffy Arms Are Back!

The puffy arms are back! You can't imagine how happy I went when I saw this top at Zara a few months ago! I was obsessed with puffy arms when I was about 13 and I had so many of them! But then they just disappeared and I haven't seen them since that! But now, they are back! I don't know if "puffy arms" are the right name for them but that's what I have always said haha! I love them so much because they look so feminine and glamorous in some sort of way I just feel so fabulous wearing a puffy armed top!❤❤❤

Top Zara

Slacks H&M

Shoes Deichmann


Earrings Primark

Rings H&M



  1. Love your outfit and the color scheme! :)

  2. That top is gorgeous! It's so cute!

    Marta -

  3. You are such a classy woman!

    I love those puffy arms :)

    Brianna from City Fashion Girl

  4. Great to know the puffy ones are back ! I have a black short sleeve shirt similar to yours in the closet :)
    Time to wear it !


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