Friday, November 11, 2016

My Favorite Lipsticks

Since I fell in love with lipsticks, I have built up a collection. It's small but it's big enough so I can pick out favorites. I love to treat myself with a new lipstick and my collection is growing bigger right now so I actually have to buy more storage for them haha! 

In today's post, I will be sharing and talking about my three current favorite shades. I will probably come back with a similar post within a few months because as I said, my collection is growing and I find new shades that I like all the time, but these three have been my favorites for a quite long time now.

First, I want to talk about my very, very beloved lipstick  in shade 40 from Bourjois. This is my perfect everyday lipstick. The one that always work and every time I put it on, I feel a little prettier and happier. This lipstick is so smooth and it doesn't make my lips dry and I love that so much! It feels like I'm having a lip balm on. I feel so comfortable with this color. It's a bit similar to my own lip color but it's more intense and adds the perfect pop of color and I love how fresh my whole makeup looks when I have this on!

Next up, is this light pink and a bit blueish color. I have actually given this the nickname Barbie haha! This one is from Etos and it's the shade Gimme Gimme Gimme. It's light pink but not too light and it has a bit of shimmer in it which I think it so pretty! It's not so high pigmentet so just by putting one layer on makes it perfect for a normal Tuesday but if I want to go fancy, I put on two or three layers and then it reminds me so much about Barbie! This must be the shade she is using haha! So this is a very girly color but definitely not childish! It's chic and makes my makeup much more fabulous!

And the last one is my lipstick in shade Raploch Beige from & Other Stories. It's looking a bit pink in the photo but IRL, it's more nude but still with a pink undertone I would say. This is the one that I put on when I'm having one of those days when I want to wear more makeup than I normally do. Maybe I do a smokey eye and have some eyeliner. The this is the perfect shade to match it with! And since it's nude, it goes with pretty much everything!



  1. Pink is my favorite color! I love all of the shades. :)

  2. Love these colors!! Thanks for sharing. Xx

  3. I am always looking for new lipsticks!!!


  4. These are beautiful shades! I always play it safe and stick to nude colours but have recently started experimenting!


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