Friday, November 25, 2016

How to Find Your Style | My Journey Part 1

Style is something we all got but it can be difficult to find it. My style has changed a lot over the years and that's why it's fun to have a blog! You can go back and see how you looked two years ago. But for me, the most important "style period" has been the latest five months. 

I had had an extremely busy year and when I got summer holiday I got time to think and I'm so glad I did because I needed to make things clear for myself. I had had a messy year and when I looked at my blog and read old posts, I realised that my style was messy too. I had lost myself a bit among all the school work and my hectic life. I wanted to feel safe in myself again and my style was a big part of that. Probably bigger than I thought and ever could have expected. 

It was June and the time came closer and closer to my 18th birthday in July. I was going to be an adult but was my style reado for it? No. No, no, no it wasn't. My style was a bit childish and so was my blog. I started by doing a little blog makeover. I changed the pink color to a more "grown up" pink  color and made the whole blog look more clean. Then it was time for my closet. 

The closer to my 18th birthday I got, my style went more and more from girly to feminine. Crazy floral prints in funny colors didn't attract me as much as they did before. Earrings in plastic wasn't so fun anymore and I didn't open my wallet for cheap, bad quality clothes on sale just because it was on sale. 

My style went from girly, messy and a bit random to feminine, elegant and classic, with a dash of sparkle of course. And the most important of all: Comfortable! I feel so comfortable and safe in my clothes and in my style and I know where I got myself and I have a few pieces that I always can put on if I don't know what to wear and I know that I look good in them no matter what! 

But I'm still on a journey! Change your style is not something you do over a night if you aren't a millionaire. I love to sit and look at clothes and plan my buys. Now a days, I always plan what I will be buying. I did it a bit before as well but now I'm taking this planning thing really seriously haha! Planning, searching and looking after clothes are also something that I need to do because I know what I'm looking for and it's more difficult to find the right type of clohtes because of that. 
I will come with a following up post in February/March because I want to tell you about how my journey is going! 
This was a quite long post but I loved writing it and I hope you enjoyed reading it! I'm so glad to have you and all my other followers with me! You're so supportive and you all make so inspired and motivated! Love you all! <3

Sweater Zara

Slacks H&M

Boots Zara

Bag Old from my grandma



  1. Love your outfit in this post! I agree that everybody's style changes through time. At the end of the day it's what makes us comfortable that matters the most. :)


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