Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Pink And Purple

Pink And Purple When it's darker outside, I attend to wear darker clothes and I'm not the only one. But only wearing black all the time makes me a bit... Depressed. But then I found purple! 

Purple is a color that I have never worn so much but the truth is that it's a really beautiful color! And together with pink, it's even more beautiful! I don't like light purple though... But darker tones are fine! Like this sweater for example! I acutally found this in my mom's closet and she had never used it so I got it! I got a dark blue as well and I know for sure that you will see me in these a lot this winter...

We also have to talk about this bag! How gorgeous isn't it?! I love pom poms, ruffles and such things and this is just so cute! This bag also got the most perfect size! I have a trip to London coming up in the beginning of 2017 and this bag will be so perfect for that! 

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  1. You look so pretty!
    Love that bag!
    xo. Kari


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