Saturday, October 15, 2016

Homemade Snickers Recipe + Follow Up: School And Discussing Anxiety

Homemade Snickers Recipe Mmmm doesn't it look delicious? I can tell you one thing; IT IS! 

A Sunday a few weeks ago I wanted to go out for a walk. Me and my boyfriend had just woken up and well, he wasn't so in for a walk haha but I made a deal! I wanted to bake something and he was in for that so I dragged him to the grocery store to buy all the things we needed so I got my walk anyway! I had had my eyes on this recipe for a while and I really wanted to do it!

3/4 dl brown sugar
2 1/2 dl icing sugar
50 g butter
200 g peanut butter
400 g milk chocolate
200 g dark chocolate
2 tb sugar
100 g salted peanuts

How to
Mix the brown sugar with the icing sugar, butter (50 g) and half of the peanut butter. Then blend in the rest of the peanut butter.

Grease a baking pan/tray (about 30x40 cm) and spread the mixture evenly. Then put the pan/tray in the fridge. 

Melt all the chocolate with butter (2 tb) over a water bath (do you call it that?). The take out the pan from the fridge and pour over the chocolate. Put some peanuts over the top and then put it in the freezer (yes, freezer this time!). Slize it in the size you want but not too big! 

Take it out from the freezer about three to five minutes before you're going to eat it!


And now over to something else...

Hi everyone! I told you some weeks ago that I will do a follow up post on my Back to School... post and here it is! 

I talked a lot in that post about stress so I will start catching up on that. I do feel stressed. Or I think so. But I don't know for sure. I have been reading about anxiety and I have tried to figure out if it's anxiety that I have but I don't know. I always feel worried about something. But it has been like that for a long time now. I started last year. Now I thought that I felt worried about my driving license but now I have got it but I still have the same feeling! It's the same thing before a test. I think that I'm worried because of the test but when it's over (doen't matter if the test went good or bad), I still have the same feeling. And that's so though and annoying! I always think that, when this thing is over, I will be so happy and feel so free but no. I don't. So I have concluded that the problem must be school. Because school is the only thing that never is over. When I have done a test it's over, yes, but school isn't. It's ALWAYS there! But I haven't had any breakdowns yet so that's good...

I also talked about that I was going to try to make school fun again and well... I did tried my best and I use by beautiful notebooks but I'm sorry to say this but it didn't maked school funnier! I think my school problems are deeper than that... 

I just think that I must wait until school is completely over for real! And today when this post is live, it's 230 days left! Okay that sounds a lot but the time from when I started in August until now, it has gone quite fast!

I hope this wan't so "heavy" to read or take in on a Saturday haha! Enjoy your weekend and take care of your loved ones <3 See you on Monday!

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  1. The homemade snickers looks so good! Also, good luck in school. You can do it! :)


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