Wednesday, September 28, 2016

How to Handle a Breakdown

How to Handle a Breakdown Maybe I wouldn't write this post and be the one telling you how to do it since I'm not a doctor or anything. But I have experiences of it and I get better and better on handle it every time it happens. 

When the school started to feel heavy and extremely difficult, I started to feel weird. In the beginning it wasn't so hard, I could handle it very easy and I didn't care so much actually. I went on as usual and tried my best all the times, even if I almost always failed. I said to myself that it will be over one day. But the time went on and I started to feel more weird and the feeling of "it will be over one day" wasn't there anymore. Some months passed by and after a while I didn't feel anything at all. I was so confused. I just worked on and failed as usual. I never stopped. I didn't think of myself and I didn't knew where I had myself. 
One day when I was walking home from the bus after being in school a whole day with tests and so on, I started to think. I was wondering what I was doing and suddenly I was crying like a baby. I came home and collapsed on the sofa. And then I cried for like two hours and the pressure that I had felt disappeared a little bit. 
I felt better after it. I was like some of the pressure had gone away and I could breathe again. So what I want to say it that you have to let it out! After this incident, it has happen more times and it feels better every time and my mind feels clearer. 

It didn't went better in school but I felt better as a person and I knew what's important for me. I have also realised that it's good to have someone to talk to. I often keep things inside of me because I don't want to interrupt someone else or take their time or be in their way. But people are very kind! If a friend asked you and wanted help, you would say yes, right? They think the same! I personally talk to my boyfriend because he is the only person that I really trust and rely on and he always listen to me and he say really clever things! You have to find your "trust" and then I promise you that it will be easier. 

I have gone thru this a few times now and I know how if feels before I'm going towards a breakdown so now a days, I'm always prepared! Sometimes eating a bit of candy or a cookie will help (yes!) and sometimes I need to just sit down and watch my favorite youtubers. So, always be prepared and you will not die or anything! You will be perfectly fine but you have to let it take the time that is needed.
So, maybe I should finish up this long post haha! Some of my posts turns out to be quite long but I think it's good to let things out sometimes and as I said, I often keep things inside of me. Talking to people about emotions and so have never been my thing I but I have always been writing diaries so it feels natural for me to write instead of talk. I hope you find this post helpful and I would love to know if you have ever experienced a breakdown and what you did! Leave a comment below or if that feels to open, send me an email! is always open for you and I will always reply and come with tips if you want so! Love you all and thanks for reading! <3

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  1. Such an inspiring post. I definitely agree that it's better to let the emotions out than to hold it in. :)

  2. Im totally with you and ive been in your shoes belive me :) keep uo dear!

    Check out my new foxy underwear post:)

    Happy weekend! LOVE Maria


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