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Zakynthos Hi everyone! I'm back from my vacation and I'm fit for fight again! I have actually been missing bloggin tooo much... And I have so many outfits and clothes that I want to share with you and interesting topics! But first, let's talk about Greece! 

The Blue Caves

So, I have been one week in Greece with two friends if you didn't know. We were on an Island called Zakynthos and in Laganas. I have a pretty clear picture about what I think about Laganas but I will tell you about it in the end of the post. First, I want to talk about what I think you should do if you go to Zakynthos and Laganas!

Boat Trips We went on two boat trips and it was so cool! We saw big turtles (but we are a bit disappointed because we thought that we would be able to swim with them but no...), swam in the sea from the boat and we saw so many beautiful things! On the other boat trip we went on, we were supposted to se the Shipwreck Beach but the weather was to windy so the boat couldn't go there... So sad but again, we saw other gorgeous and breathtaking things and views! For example the famous Blue Caves! 

Zante Zante is the capital in Zakynthos and a very pretty city! Or maybe you shouldn't call it city because it's pretty small haha. We went to Zante for one of our boat trips and we didn't had time to go around there but I wish that we had gotten time for it because it was so cute! 

Laganas Beach You must spend a day at the beach! Or many days! The water is so clear and the blue color is so beautiful! The beach is very long so it's easy to find a place to be on. But the bad thing is that all the sunbeds belongs to the restaurants and you need to buy something from the restaurant for a sunbed. And there are people that always want you to lie on their sunbeds to they like grab you... Not so nice. 

The Blue Caves

Turtle spotting

Unfortunately Lagans has another side too... And that's probably the most famous one: Party places and clubs. Laganas is pretty much built just for that. Laganas has one main street and it's very long and it's just clubs on it. We thought it would be fun to party but we wanted to dance and people in Laganas don't dance... They are just very high :( Not that kind of party we want to do. And again, people grab you all the time and almost forcing you yo go into their place. Not funny at all, just very annoying. I know that is's their job and maybe they don't like it either but come on... 

Laganas is not typical Greek. No white houses with blue roofs. It's a city built for clubs and party people. That's why I'm so glad that we went on those boat trips so we could see more of the island the beautiful Greek nature! But over all, this was a very good vacation! It was sunny all the time, no rain (yeees), very hot (far toooo hot haha) and just lovely! 

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