Saturday, July 30, 2016

Life Saver

Life Saver Directly when I saw that Bioderma had come to Sweden, I bought a bottle of it. That was around a year ago and it has been a part of my makeup cleansing routine since.

My fist and second bottle of Bioderma was their miceller water for normal skin. But now when I bought my third bottle I saw that they had one for combination/oliy skin as well so I got that one instead since it's for my skin type. And as I said, I'm on my third (!) bottle in one year so I think you can guess that I like it a lot! It has totally changed my makeup cleansing routine! I use my Bioderma Miceller Solution as the last step in my routine and it removes all makeup that is still on my skin (if it is some, my makeup cleanser is pretty good) and it smells fantastic as well. It's so important to clean your face even if you don't wear so much makeup and this is the perfect product for it! It's also very good when you're on vacation and don't want to bring like ten bottles of different cleansing products.

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