Monday, July 4, 2016

How I Stay Creative

How I Stay Creative I love to blog, I love my blog and I love the fact that it's mine and only mine! No one else has something to say about it and every decision is made by me. I'm the boss and I love to have something that only I can control. But being your own boss also mean that you have to come up with all the ideas by yourself and you don't really have someone to talk ideas and new projects with. Sometimes ask my mom for help but she is really not into blogging and she doesn't get it at all haha! You always have to be creative and that can be hard sometimes! But I have found my ways and I know what makes me inspired.

I love to read magazines and I do that every evening in bed before I go to sleep. It not only makes me inspired and give me ideas, it also calmes me down. I'm not only reading fashion magazines. My latest magazine obsession is travel! But mostly it's about fashion! My favorite magazines are Elle Sweden, InStyle UK, Marie Claire UK and Harper's Bazaar UK. And sometimes I splurge on Vouge US.

The second thing I do to stay creative is also about reading but this time it's about blogs! I love to read blogs and can easily sit in hours and hours and read blog after blog after blog... I read a lot of blogs before I started my own blog and I think that's the reason why I started! I felt so inspired by all the bloggers so I wanted to create something like that by myself. Some of my favorite blogs are Gal Meets GlamFor All Things LovelyPink Peonies, Viva Luxury and Suburban Faux Pas

The third thing I do is to look at Pinterest and create boards. I have boards for my style, office space inspiration, future home and so on! 

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