Thursday, June 30, 2016

My Favorite Dresses Under $50

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I love dresses and I wear them even more in the summer! When I shop clothes, I use to try to not buy clohtes that costs over $50 since I'm a student and unfortunately my parens don't want to buy clothes for me for like $100 haha which I totally understand! Here are some of my current favorites and they are all under $50 which I think is great for a dress! 
And bye bye June... Can't believe that is's July tomorrow! Haha I know, I say that every month but it's so true! The time goes too fast sometimes!

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  1. These are so pretty!!

    1. Yes I love all of them so much! Have a great day! <3

  2. Great choices! Your blog is beautiful!

    The Leach Life |

  3. They're absolutely gorgeous, all of them! Great slection!


    Tamara -


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