Thursday, June 9, 2016

How to Travel With Only Hand Luggage

Only travel with hand luggage (cabin bag) can be very tricky but it's something I have done quite many times now so I feel like I'm on my way to be some sort of expert in it haha! So here is my little guide with some tips and tricks for traveling with not so much space!

Roll your clothes and bring clothes that are thin with you

This is something that can be very important for you and how much you can bring and maybe shop when you are at your destination. Think layer on layer so thin jackets and cardigans. It's also very good to roll your clothes because it takes less space (believe me!) and they don't get so wrinkled.


Small bottles and travel sizes

When traveling with hand luggage, there are some limits about how much liquid you can take with you. The best thing is to check out what the airline you will be flying with says. Small bottles also take less space of course. Sephora use to be really good in having travel sizes! If you don't have Sephora close by (like me), you can by bottles for different beauty products. I have linked some good ones below and some travel size products. And one more great tip! By sun cream, body lotion and such things when you have arrived because those are things that you may be using a lot of and need a big bottle. 


Hand luggage usually means a cabin bag and a handbag but you can be very smart when it comes to the handbag! They don't allow you to have a weekend bag like a handbag but you can take a big bag that looks like a handbag! And what I mean with look like a handbag are details and such. Just a very big tote or shopper with only a zipper isn't a very good idea but look at my bag here, it has some details in the front but it's still very big. I have had this like a handbag many times and they haven't said something. This is an example of a bad one that they probably aren't going to accept. 

Bag in a bag

Bags can take a lot of space so why not put them in each other like this? 

So, this was my little guide! I hope it will help you for future travels with hand luggage!

And I'm going to Amsterdam tomorrow but I will be posting on the blog as usual but be sure to follow me on instagram!

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  1. Great post! I personally love traveling with just carry-on! It's so much easier and more convenient too!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  2. Great post!
    Mademoiselle Coconath


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