Thursday, June 2, 2016

Five Pool Floats You Can't Live Without This Summer...

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I would almost call this the classic on... The flamingo float went popular last summer but it' still a must have! But this one is a little bit different, look at the size!!!! It's a GIANT one!

Hihi how fun? Doesn't all the colors make you happy?? I can't stop smiling when I see this!

HAHA whaat! I think this is my favorite one! It's giant like the flamingo float and look at those cute little arms hihi!

This is a nice one right?! Pineapples are one of my absolute favorite thing to eat in the summer and I would be okay floating on one too!

Aww this is a nice one! It's very cute and fun but it doesn't stand out too much!
So this was my little pool float guide! I hope you enjoyed it! And I just want to say that I go on summer holiday tomorrow!!! YAAY!!! OMG. I have been waiting for this since October when I started to feel bad, I now we're finally here! I have so much blog ideas and things I want to do this summer and I'm going to Amsterdam and Greece so I will take so much photos! I will take a blog paus tomorrow but I'm back on Monday and you don't want to miss that because my graduation outfit is coming up! 
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