Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Beauty Blender Review

I recently bought a Beauty Blender, yes after a very long time. I have wanted to try one for a long time so when I bought some new foundations, (makeup is my latest obsession, hehe...) I also bought a Beauty Blender. 

I didn't knew what to expect actually because I haven't been watching a lot of Youtube videos like I usually do before I buy makeup so I was open minded. 

I applied my foundation with it and I didn't liked it so much, so sorry BB! I thought it was tricky to get a smooth result and it was difficult to spread out the product properly. My foundation got thicker in some spots and thinner in some. But I had a pretty thick foundation so maybe it works better if the foundation is more liquid than creamy. But I'm happy to try it again with another foundation and to blend out my concealer with it. 

Have you tried a Beauty Blender? Like it or not? 

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