Monday, May 2, 2016

Spring weather... Or not

Top Similar, similar, similar | Cardigan Vila | Jeans Cubus | Bracelet Asos | Earrings Primark (similar, similar)

I know, it's sooo typical swedish to talk about the weather but right now I feel like I have too! These photos were taken last week when it still was April and our April weather was crazy! In one day we could have sun, rain, snow and hail. It was crazy and I never knew what to wear! And it rained almost every time when I got home from school so I had to shoot some photos inside insted of outside. But that could be fun for a change! 

But it's May now and I really hope that the sun and the warmer weather is coming this month! I hope it comes to the weekend because we have a long weekend this week! It's what we say Kristi Himmelsfärd (I think you call it Ascension?) so we're free on Thursday and Friday and Monday too! YAY! And it's my grandma's 80s birthday on Saturday so we have a weekend full of nice food and hotel nights planned! Fun and cozy I hope! 

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