Saturday, May 28, 2016

Home Wanties! // Pink Shades And Flamingo Obsession

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And here comes the home wanties post you have been waiting for, yaay!

I think I have talked about that flamingo towel once before but I can definitely talk about it again if you want a refresh! I looove flamingos, it's my obsession and I can't get enough of them. But I don't have so much flamingo stuff. I have a skirt and a pretty big flamingo sitting on my couch in my room. And I just did a face swap with it HAHA! SO FUN! I will maybe post it on my instagram if I'm brave enough... Hihih 

We don't have Anthropologie in Sweden but I think I have to order from there when it's time for me to move from home because I love their home style so much! These for example, how cute?!

I hope you're having a great weekend! Be sure to follow me on instgram and see you on Monday!

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