Monday, January 11, 2016

Lanzarote Part 1 // Style

Sunnies here

Sequin shorts here

Hi everyone! I'm back after my one week blog break! I'm actually back to everything now haha! The school starts today, my gymnastics (but it started three days ago but I was still on Lanzarote then) and yepp, it's all about back to normal. When we went from Sweden, it was pretty warm and no snow and when we came back, it was a lot of snow and so, so cold! It has been -18 degrees outside!!! That's not funny at all! I'm glad I wasn't home that day! But I (and my family) had a wonderful time on Lanzarote and it was warm and sunny so that was perfect! It was a great start on the new year haha! I think it was good to rest properly and to relax before the school started. One more week had been okay too but in the same time I wanted to go home because I missed my bed haha and one special person ♥

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