Monday, January 25, 2016

Ice Cold

Knitted sweater Holly & Whyte/Lindex (similar, similar) | Pants Gina Tricot | OTK boots Here | Bag Don Donna (similar, similar, both under $60) | Earrings H&M 

These weeks has been crazy! It has been so extremely cold! -20 degrees, that's insane!! I have to use all my knitted sweaters! I love this one because it's a turtleneck and so cozy! And yes I know, I'm wearing those pants again but I just realized how much I love neutrals and they brighten up my dark winter and school days. 

I want to talk more about school. It's hard times, really hard. They say that this year is the worst and that's so true. I'm not even sure I can make it. With that I mean math and physics. I can do the rest but the math and physics is crazy. Or maybe it's not but I'm not made for it. I have got F on all tests we have done so far and it's not funny anymore. I'm trying so hard and I'm studying so much, I almost don't have weekends anymore. I hate weekends nowadays because I know that I must study. I have headache almost every day and I'm so tired. The only time I don't have headache or is tired is when I'm in the gymnastic gym doing gymnastics. I think it's because I can relax when I'm there. I don't think about school and I'm doing something fun. 

My math will be over 12 February because the national test is that day and the physics just before the summer break. But I just realized that I have a plan and I don't know why anybody didn't told be this before I looked it up by myself. The max points you can get is 2500 and to get an exam you need 2250 which means that you can have F in 250 points. And now to the best - the math course is 100 points and the physics 150 p!!! That is 250 points so it doesn't matter if I make it or not because I will still get my exam! Of course I will try my best as I do now but my best isn't enough and there is nothing I can do about it. But when I saw the thing with the points everything became a little easier! 

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