Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Workspace talk // Sequins in Pink

Say hallo to my mini office/workspace/deskspace! It's time for another home decor post and this time it's all about my workspace! 

Creativity, inspiration and motivation are three important worlds for me when it comes to my workspace (and in other contexts too!). I need to feel creative and inspired when I work and if not, I won't work. I also need to feel motivated and I want to have a goal, something to work for. I'm not only talking about blogging now, I'm talking about school too. This isn't just a blog workspace, it's where I do my home work too and it's also now hard part comes in... 

As you can see, my workspace is pretty feminine, girly and pink and that's just who I am so I can't really do so much about it but there is one problem... I get distracted so easily! When I'm sitting there and trying to do my home work, the only thing I can think about is fashion, my blog and what's new in on Primark or H&M. I know, I know... It's really bad haha! But I prefer to feel inspired and happy more than doing math, actally ;)

Blogging is just my hobby but if it was my job, I had wanted like a real office too, not only a home office. WeWork is a company who has shared office places around the world. They have larger ones but they also have places for freelancers. They are located all over the world, you can see all their locations here

Wish list...

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