Monday, September 14, 2015

I'm not grey

Top Vila (similar, similar) | Pants Lindex (similar style here and here) | Espadrilles Diva | Bag Don Donna (similar save, similar splurge) | Earrings Gina Tricot (similar style here, here and here) | Watch Similar, similar

I need to tell you what's behind this post and title! I was in school and we had physics and I sat in the back of the classroom and saw everyone. I was dreaming about bags and fashion as always (lol) and then I realized one thing- everyone (except for me and two more) were dressed in black, grey, dark blue or white. And I had a floral printed dress. I started to count and ten people (we're 30, 32 or something) had a grey top/sweater. I couldn't see any prints (not even stripes!). It was just so depressing! They looked as boring as the physics did on the board. I know that Sweden is kind of famous for its minimalist style and that we're lovers of grey, black and white (a pastel blue floral skirt, GAAH!!) but still, come on! It was depressing but in the same time I got some sort of energy. I realized how happy I'm in my style and that I'm not one of those who always goes dressed in black. I'm NOT saying that they always goes dressed like that, but often. And don't take this personal!! I love (well, that's a strong word but you know what I mean) the people in the clothes and it's not something wrong with their clothes. I wear black a lot but to see a group of 30 people, in no colors, that's boring! So, I decided to break the rules and to wear my colorful loose pants the day after, and so I did and I loved it! 

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  1. Cute top! Love the look!
    Mademoiselle Coconath


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