Thursday, August 13, 2015

Fall prep...

Fall is around the corner and I hate it! Fall is probably the worst time of the year. Or no, it's not. Winter is still the worst but I hate fall too... Fall mean school start, darker clothes, it's getting darker outside, colder... But maybe some fashion can cheer it up! These clothes are quite dark but I love the flare jeans! I bought a similar pair on the sale recently so I can't wait to wear them!
Purple long sleeve shift dress
Suede biker jacket
Flared jeans
High heel sandals
Pink sleeveless top
Black lace crop top
Maxi skirt
Dark red dress
Longsleeve blouse
Instagram / Pinterest / Polyvore


  1. I love the flares too.. and the pink high neck top is so pretty!


  2. this has me excited and sad at the same time!!! i love fall but i am sad that summer is ending!

    Sandy a la Mode


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