Tuesday, July 7, 2015

A dive into my beach bag

Bag Cath Kidston

Sun protection Eucerin

Let's start with the most important thing (for me), the sun protection. I know what you're thinking, "isn't the bikini more important?", answer NO! You can swim in you underwear! Ok, let's continue. My skin is quite sensitive, especially in the beginning of the summer. I turn red very easy... Not funny. I always use SPF 20 or over. 

Bikini Primark

On the second place comes the bikini or swimsuit. I always have my bikini on when I come to the beach to be prepared and it's tricky to change on the beach... You know what I mean! But it's always good to have an extra with you. 

Lip balm Carmex

I talked about sun protection for the body (I use the Eucerin one in my face too, but I shouldn't hehe...) but never forget your lips. Your lips are very sensitive because of the thin skin you have there. I have been using this Carmex one with SPF 15 for ages and I love it and my lips love it too. 

Sunglasses are important too! I hate when it's so light outside so I can't keep my eyes entirely open.

I don't think it's only me who gets bored after a while at the beach. I always have a magazine, a book and my phone full with podcasts with me. 

And don't forget the watermelon and pineapple or any other fresh fruit. Then your beach bag is ready to go!

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