Friday, June 19, 2015

Quick fix workout

^^Mountain climbers with twists

^^The folding knife

^^ Sumo squats

^^Narrow push-ups 

Top Hm (similar, similar) | Shorts Similar, similar | Sport bra Nike 

This is a quick workout I use to do when I don't have so much time. Your whole body have to work and if I have time, I do HIT (4 minutes, use the tabata app!) in the end. 

Do three sets of 10 and as I mentioned above, do HIT in the end if you have time. It's good to do some cardio too! 

If you think these exercises are too much, you can make them easier. You can do the folding knife with bent legs and without arms and the narrow push-ups on your knees for example! 

If you want more exercises and workouts or if you have any questions or if you want more tips and trix, just sent me an email or leave a comment! ♥

Unfortunately, some of the items comes up in another color but you find the right color by clicking!

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