Monday, June 8, 2015

Graduation Outfit 2015

Dress Bikbok (more floral below, some of them under 50$!) | Bag DKNY but in another shape | Shoes New Look (similar, similar, similar, love) | Earrings Hm (similar) | Bracelet Hm (similar)

Hi! I haven't done a blog post since last week on Thursday so it feels like it was a long time ago haha but now I'm here again! AND I HAVE SUMMER HOLIDAY! I can't believe that one year in school have passed by and that I only have two years left, then I'm free do to whatever I want! 

I have so many great posts planned for this summer! I started to come up with ideas in February or was it January?? I don't remember because it was such a long time ago! I was waiting on the bus and stood there in my big, fluffy winter jacket and dreamed about the summer... And now we're here! 

This week is going to be SO FUN (probably the funniest on my whole holiday) because me and my three best friends are going on a vacation... More of that on Thursday so stay tuned! I'm also going to start with driving lessons. In Sweden, you're allowed to start practicing driving when you're 16 and I have been driving in one month or so (I'm soon 17) but I'm going to take 10 lessons now to learn more. I have been driving a lot at home actually and I'm quite good, I think. I hope my driving teacher thinks that too haha! 

...And about this dress! I love the back and the lace part! Without it, I don't think I would have bough the dress. Unfortunately, Bikbok isn't available on the shop program I use so I have linked some similar ones below and some of them are under 50$ which I think is a great price for a dress. I usually don't buy clothes over 50$, only bags ;)  

Unfortunately, these don't all show up in the right color, but you can find them in the right color if you click on them!

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  1. you look gorgeous

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  2. Love this that dress is so gorgeous! Such great pics!

  3. Happy graduation!!! I love that dress, you look so beautiful!

  4. Such a cute outfit!!! What a fun back!


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