Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Weekly wishes #12

1. Sheinside | 2. Gina Tricot | 3. Asos | 4. Marc Jacobs | 5. Pixie Market | 6. American Eagle | 7. Hm | 8. Forever New | 9. Betsey Johnson 

Ommg how cute isn't that phone case?! It's the cutest I have ever seen (and trust me, I have seen a lot, it's a kind of obsession for me). 

I really want a new pair of jeans. I have lot of jeans but I only use like three of them because the other are to big in the wait but fit my legs or just big. I'm the one who thinks "I take one size bigger just for to be sure" and that's NOT good. I have to stop with it! I think it's because I hate to try clothes. You have to take off all of your clothes, my hair gets destroyed and it goes on... So instead, I take a bigger size but then they don't fit me. 


  1. Thats scalloped skirt is too cute! Love your blog :)


  2. Number three is my absolute favorite, scallops are my weakness plus who doesn't love that shade of red!?

  3. I like this your post a lot! It’s amazing!
    Thank you for sharing!

    Diana Cloudlet


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