Sunday, March 22, 2015

Blush stick

I have wanted to try a stick or cream blush for a while and now I have finally got one! I found it at H&M and I like them because if I want to try a new product I never have tried before, H&M usually have it too and it's so cheap there! So instead of buying a 30$ product that I may not like, I buy one for 3$ at H&M and if I like the way the product work, I can go for a better one. 

So, did I like it or not? The answer is YES, I love it! Okay, first I didn't like it but then, when it "melted" into my skin, I loved it! The color adapts to the skin tone very well and I love that!

Blush stick in shade "Pale pink" from Hm


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