Friday, February 13, 2015

Preparing for V-Day

Tommy Hilfiger blouse|Dorothy Perkins jeans|Dorothy Perkins boots|Don Donna bag|Bracelet from Spain|Hm earrings

I finally got sport holiday!!! I'm superdupermega happy right now!! Sport holiday is one week break from school, I don't really know why it's called sport, maybe because it's snow outside and you can go skiing or something haha! It feels so good! School is not something I like very much so breaks are always welcome :) . But I have do to some school work over the holiday but I can live with that I hope. 

It's Valentines Day tomorrow, I'm so excited! I started a bit today with a cute blouse from Tommy Hilfiger. I like it because it's very girly, pink and the bow is so cute! So look forward to tomorrow my V-Day nails, makeup and outfits will come up! 


1 comment

  1. You’re BEAUTIFUL!! Love this look on you!!

    Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

    Much love, Vanessa


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